Episode #25: Defying Beauty Standards with Morena Diaz

In today’s episode, I interview Morena Diaz; a primary school teacher, author of “Love your Body,” and an instagram public figure advocating for food freedom and body positivity.

Morena shares her personal struggle with food and her body, and how the healing began when she ultimately realized that she didn’t have to follow diet culture or unrealistic beauty standards.

Instead, she decided to take care of herself in a way that felt good to her, and along the way learned to love the body she is in, learned to eat without restriction, and learned how to prioritize herself everyday.

Listen in to learn Morena’s advice on how to practice body love, how to accept weight gain, and how to love yourself so much that you want to spend time with just yourself! You will love her passion and feminist approach to intuitive eating and body love.

Learn more about Morena:
Website: https://m0reniita.com/
Instagram: @m0reniita

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