Episode #27: Creating a Closet You Love with Monika Mueller

In today’s episode, I talk with personal stylist and owner of Signature Five, Monika Mueller all about how to create a closet full of clothes that you absolutely love.

Monika helped me “detox” my closet back when I was a new mom and ready for a change. Since then, I’ve felt so much happier with my clothes everyday and I wanted her to share her techniques with you all.

She gives clear steps on where to start if you do want to create a closet you love, why you should have clothes you love no matter your size, what to buy now if you think you may change sizes in the future, and how to be confident when wearing new styles.

Whether you are ready for a simple refresh of your closet or a whole new wardrobe, Monika has tips for everyone, so take a listen!

Learn more about Monika here:
Website: http://www.signature-five.com/
Instagram: @signaturefive

To learn more and apply for the next round of the Quit Dieting for Good group program:


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