Episode #29: Ayurveda in Modern Life with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg

In today’s episode, I talk with a good friend and Ayurvedic doctor, Janna Scharfenberg. Janna gives us an overview of Ayurveda, the doshas, and how to apply these ancient principles into our modern world.

Many people hear about ayurveda and immediately want to know what their dosha is (a.k.a. their constitution) and how to balance themselves perfectly. And this can sometimes be turned into a diet!

But Janna assures us that was never the intention of ayurveda and ayurveda actually has many parallels to intuitive eating.

Listen in on how you can start adding Ayurvedic practices into your everyday life, and even how you can be using your cell phone more ayurvedically!

Follow along Janna’s work:
Website: https://drjannascharfenberg.com/
Instagram: dr_janna_scharfenberg/

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