Episode #33: Creating Your Dream Life with Martina Fink

In today’s episode, I talk with Health & Beauty Coach, Martina Fink, all about how to create the life that you want.

Martina explains how important it is to heal past wounds so you can create space for the life you want.

She teaches us about the chakra system and how to clear blocks to let energy flow freely, and how to increase your self-worth so you feel worthy of your dreams.

Once you’ve healed, Martina talks about how to start visualizing and manifesting your dream life, and some action steps on how you can take steps towards your dreamy, glowing life today!

If you know you want more for your life, then I encourage you to listen in to my chat with Martina and learn how to make it happen!

Learn more about Martina here:
Website: https://www.martinafink.com/
Instagram: @martinaglows

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