Episode #34: Making Big Decisions Intuitively

In today’s solocast, I talk all about how to use your intuition to help you make big decisions.

Making big decisions about life – the relationships you are in, where you live, what career is best for you – is not easy! And pro and con lists don’t always help.

Which is why I’m going to explain the process of making a big decision while using your intuition as a guide, all while telling you about a big decision I made recently and all that went into it.

(hint: we are moving!)

Whether you have a big decision you need to make soon, or just want to hear about why we are leaving Switzerland and moving to California, it’s worth a listen!

Want to follow along my move and summer travel adventures, while eating intuitively and taking care of myself in a new situation? Find me on Instagram and say hi! @caitlinballhealth

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