Episode #43: PCOS with Julie Duffy-Dillon

In today’s episode, I talk with Julie Duffy-Dillon, who is a registered dietician helping women find food peace, an author, and the podcast host of Love, Food. 

Julie not only teaches about intuitive eating, she also helps women navigate PCOS with a non-diet approach. She gives us an overview of PCOS and explains that it is way more common than you might think!

There are plenty of lists out there with what to eat and not eat for PCOS, but Julie gives many reasons why these restrictive diets are not the answer. She shares with us a variety of ways you can test out to heal yourself – but the key is to always check in to see if it works for you personally, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

Julie also talks about how to respect your body with a health condition, the importance of sleep especially with PCOS, and more on this episode. 

Whether you have PCOS, may have PCOS, or are living with a health condition, this is a great listen for applying a non-diet approach to your healing journey!

Learn more about Julie here:
Website: http://www.juliedillonrd.com/
Instagram: @foodpeacedietician

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