Episode #44: Self-Hypnosis with Rahel Papis

In today’s episode, I talk with Rahel Papis about her work in hypnotherapy and kinesiology. 

Rahel explains how hypnotherapy and kinesiology work to bring your subconscious thoughts to the surface, so they can be healed. She explains that often your subconscious can effect so many things, including why you eat the way you eat. 

Hypnotherapy is so much more than what you see on shows, and is really more of a guided deep meditation – which anyone can do! Rahel gives some great advice on how you can work with your subconscious thoughts, and why it’s important if you want to change your habits. 

I personally had a session with Rahel and found it to be healing and so interesting, so I can’t wait for you to listen in and hear more about her work. 

Learn more about Rahel here:
Website: https://www.rahelpapis.com/
Instagram: @rahelpapis.therapy

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