Ep. 48: Intuitive Eating 101 – Gentle Nutrition

Welcome back!

This is the final episode in our Intuitive Eating 101 series, and it is last for reason! Gentle nutrition is amazing, but it can also be turned into a “diet” pretty quickly if you aren’t in the right place. That’s why I encourage you to consider releasing restrictions and practicing some body love and self care FIRST.

Most of my clients don’t reach this phase till about 6 months into their practice (and that’s while working with a coach), so you shouldn’t force yourself to move too quickly here.

“Gentle” is the key concept!

I would advise taking a small step forward to start. For instance, try adding another vegetable or a new grain into your daily consumption. Maybe make it your goal to add it into your dinner. (Don’t force it, and don’t restrict anything else. Just add a grain or veggie you might enjoy!)

Next step: check in with yourself.

How do you feel?

What impact has the change had on you?

How is your body responding?

There isn’t a single way of eating that serves every person in the world in the same way. Our bodies are unique, and we want to honor that with intuitive eating. Again – we aren’t forcing anything here.

We’re going to ease our way in and try out some gentle nutrition!

No matter what you find out, try to stay away from language like:

“I can’t eat that.” or “That food is bad for me.”

You might notice you don’t love how you feel after you eat something, or that your body doesn’t handle a certain food very well. That’s normal!

Try incorporation this phrase instead: “I choose…”

When you understand that what you eat (or don’t eat) is about your own choices, you can feel empowered rather than feel restricted.

(And don’t forget — you can join the FREE Food Freedom and Body Confidence Challenge here — it kicks off October 7th!)

P.S. Food allergies and sensitive should always be approached with the help of a doctor or nutritionist. I don’t want to downplay any of those!

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