Episode #47: Intuitive Eating 101 – Self-Care

self-care is vital!

Welcome to the third installment of Intuitive Eating 101!

This whole month is dedicated to the basics of Intuitive Eating, and we’re diving deep into self-care this week.

If you missed the first two podcasts in this series, I’d encourage you to check out Letting go of Restrictionsand Body Love while you’re here. 

Also — if you’re sick of taking in information but never actually doing anything about it, I have a super fun challenge for you! You can sign up for the Food Freedom and Body Confidence Challengetoday!

Self-care about taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional being every day.

Let’s start with movement. Your body loves to move, and you can show it respect by giving yourself opportunities to get up and get the blood flowing! However, you shouldn’t be using physical movement as a way to punish yourself. Take the time to find a form of movement that actually feels GOOD for your body – it makes a difference!

I find that I love walking and yoga. 

Not sure what you like? Try something like ClassPass, which gives you access to a variety of classes so you can find out what you do like!

Mediation can be a great practice to help improve your mental health.

I have a friend that does a “brain dump” every night, and she finds that extremely helpful. Journaling can be a really helpful mental processing tool as well.

Emotional care is a MUST!

When I watch my son throw tantrums, he gets everything all out, and then moves on with his day. Sometimes we all need a piece of that — working through emotions and finding outlets for our stress or hard emotions might do wonders for our overall health and wellness!

Finally, take a moment to consider the things in life you really, truly enjoy. What makes your life better? Who and what do you love? When you can start adding those people and things in, the better off you’ll be!

If you’d like a few more self-care tips, check out my guest interviews!

The final request I make to each guest is for them to provide us with a self-care tip, and there are all sorts of unique and amazing ones!

Like what you heard? I’d LOVE your feedback, reviews, and ratings! 

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