Episode #45: Intuitive Eating 101 – Letting go of restrictions

Welcome back!

This month I’m launching a series called Intuitive Eating 101 – we’ll be covering the process of letting go of food restrictions, being confident in your body, fully caring for yourself, and finding the right foods for your body.

First up: let’s dive in to letting go of food restrictions. This means you have to let go of dieting. This is hard to do, unless you 100% understand and believe that diets do not work. (Seriously – they just don’t work!)

I want you to have the facts and information you need so you can confidently leave diets in the past and embrace food freedom!

Reminder: the natural reaction to restricting (dieting) is to binge. Intuitive eating helps us end this crazy cycle by allowing us to stop restricting. When we quit restricting, we’re much less likely to binge.

When you let go of restrictions, you get to be FREE. Free to eat the foods you love, free to fuel your body in a way that feels really good. As you walk into this freedom, you’ll find you can actually trust yourself and your body.

Intuitive Eating 101 is going to encourage and empower you – I hope you join me next week to continue this learning journey.

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