Ep. 52: Breathwork for Body Confidence with Isabelle Ysebaert

Isabelle moved to Zurich right as I was coming back the USA! Even though we didn’t share any time in Switzerland, I had so much fun connecting with her on the podcast and learning about breathwork for body confidence.

During this interview, she actually shares a breath work activity with me. I’d encourage you to take some time with the episode and try it yourself! It really calmed me down and helped me release tension.

(After the exercise we “debrief” and I talk about the experience!)

Isabelle also shares parts of her own food journey. She realized that she used food as a coping mechanism, and also attached it to self-worth. She received lots of messaging from her family that left her confused, fearful, and ashamed in her food relationship. This resulted in a binge eating struggle that she later had to work through. She describes this as a journey of coming home to her body.

I love hearing other people’s intuitive eating journeys, and I hope you enjoy it as well! Don’t forget to check out breath work for body confidence as well. It’s so amazing how taking the time to slow down can truly impact your level of stress and tension. I highly recommend giving it a try!

As Isabelle shares: Getting IN to you body is the best place to be, and it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. It can be a bit tricky if this isn’t something you’ve ever done before. Be patient with yourself – it is worth it!

Listen in to hear Isabelle’s self-care tips and try out this amazing breathing exercise for yourself. Breathwork for body confidence might also have a positive impact on your food freedom journey as well!

You can find her website here: https://fullofjoy.co or connect with Isabelle on Instagram @fullofjoy




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