Episode #49: Live Food Freedom Coaching with Katrina

This episode is different from the rest. You get to listen in on a real life health coaching call with a member of my Intuitive Foodies Facebook Community, Katrina! 

Katrina has tried all the diets, and has recently been trying the Keto diet with some of her friends. But she is a mom of two, a wife, and a full-time teacher and is too tired to deal with tracking and weighing her food! 

In this episode, I help Katrina figure out how to ditch all the food guilt after so many years of dieting. We also talk about how to stop being tempted by diets when her friends are doing them, and how to start letting go of the restrictions of her diet while still feeling confident she is doing the best thing for her body. 

This was my first time coaching Katrina. After our call she said she already felt “free” because she was given personalized direction on how to get started with her intuitive eating journey. If you are like Katrina, and are ready to get off the dieting roller coaster but not sure how to get started, I’d love for you to join my upcoming Quit Dieting for Good program, starting on October 21st.*

But first, to test out my program and have the opportunity for additional bonuses, join my free Food Freedom & Body Confidence Challenge. It starts on the 7th! 


It’s time to turn the inspiration into action and I’d love to help you do just that! 

*This date has been changed since I recorded the original podcast. October 21st is the correct start date!

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