Episode #50: True Priorities with Ashley Conway

Today I interview Ashley Conway, a former client of mine in the Quit Dieting for Good program. She’s also the blogger behind DefeatingBusy.com. We talked all about digging into dieting and food issues, and the beauty in discovering your true priorities.

Ashley thought she had a food problem when she came to me, but was so exhausted by the thought of attempting and failing at one more diet. She knew there must be a better way, and was ready to try out intuitive eating. 

Through her journey, she realized she didn’t have a food problem. Food was just a coping mechanism from some deeper issues that she is now addressing. Now that she is clear on her true priorities, she can enjoy food to the fullest without guilt and without being tempted by diets. 

We also talk about her mission with her blog. This mission ties into letting go of dieting by prioritizing what matters most to you. Once you take time to figure out what’s most important in your life, you can then figure out how to prioritize and how to set boundaries. 

Ashley is passionate and lovable and has so many good tips to share. Go take a listen! 

Do you want to Quit Dieting for Good like Ashley and release the mental load of dieting?

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