Episode #51 – Why You are Worth It

Our last two episodes featured some amazing guests in the midst of their journeys. If I could remind those amazing foodies of anything, I would say: You are worth it!

Today…I’m prepared for a bit of controversy. I’ve wanted to do this episode for a while, but I’ve had some fear about bringing up this topic. I still feel the fear, but you know what? I’m doing it anyways!

So here it is: YOU are worthy of investing in yourself. No matter what fears or hangups you have about investing time and money into yourself, I can assure you that you are worth it.

I’ve been on a journey of slowly but surely learning my own worth, as well as growing my ability to invest in myself. Investment refers to time, energy, and money!

A few years later I invested in a health course in order to become an intuitive eater. I had spent a LOT in the past on cleanses and diets…but never money on a course. It felt a little strange, and was definitely different. It was uncomfortable to make the decision to spend the money, but it paid off as I grew as a person. In my heart, I knew this was right for me, and I was so glad I had trusted myself to make the investment.

Listen in to hear more about the various investments I’ve made over the years. Whether the money went towards a treat, a personal development or growth opportunity, a mental health boost, or something entirely different – these investments have made me feel like a better version of myself. 

One of my biggest ever personal investments involves a guest I featured way back on Episode 6 of the podcast!

Nothing in life is free – it always cost time or money (or both!). You ARE worth it; worth investing in and worth the time and energy it takes to lean into a better version of yourself. I’d encourage you to consider ways you can invest in yourself.

Which leads us to a few other questions…

What funky relationships do you have with food and weight?

What kind of time and energy do you put into “fitting in” or following some sort of diet plan or health regimen?

What do you miss out on by obsessing over food intake?

If you knew you were worthy of your dream life (without attaching it to something external like your pants size), you could do all sorts of amazing things!

So…I want to call you out a little bit!

What actions are you taking to treat yourself like a worthy woman who deserves to achieve your dreams?

Listening to this podcast is a good thing, but listening is not enough! What actions are you taking, and how are investing in yourself?

If you’re ready for a transformation in the way you feel in your body or act around food, I have an amazing offer for you. The Quit Dieting for Good Course is open for enrollment right now, and it is an investment that will be worth every single penny. And that’s good, because YOU are worth it.

We start October 21st, so if you’re interested in you need to sign up now!


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