Episode #69: Thick, Bold & Healthy with Farah Green

Farah is a body activist and certified exercise nutrition coach. She helps women embrace their curves and master their health through body positivity, wellness, and nutrition. She encourages women to love themselves in bold & healthy ways.

Health and wellness have been a huge passion for Farah for a long time. She’s on a mission to end generational curses from diet-related chronic diseases that have been rampant in both her own family, and in those around her. This passion for wellness only grew after going through her own journey with depression, which made Farah realize that she was absolutely consumed with the number on the scale, and with her physical appearance.

She also recognized that she was not the only woman dealing with those struggles. As she came out of her depression, she realized she wanted to create a shame-free platform for women to be curvy AND healthy. As her journey with body positivity has continued, she’s grown in her ability to embrace ALL body types with love and compassion.

Bold & Healthy Body Positivity

Some people believe that body positivity promotes obesity. Let’s stop that idea in its tracks!

When lean trainers, nutritionists, or professionals normalize being extremely thin and fit, we start to think that we have to look like that to be “healthy”. Farah reminds us that this isn’t the case!

She cites a recent study that shows only 5% of what the media portrays is considered an accurate representation of American women. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and we shouldn’t be confined by the media’s narrow representations of women’s bodies. These media representations have also played a role in perpetuating the myth that body positivity promotes an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

Farah shares that when she speaks at schools, she frequently asks young women what sorts of things people say that make them feel uncomfortable with their bodies.

Lot’s of girls share they are often told they are “too thin” or need “more meat on their bones”.

People need to understand that body positivity is for ALL women, of ALL sizes. It’s not just a celebration of women with curves, but a celebration of every single woman and the body she is in.

True body positivity embraces healthy habits and all sizes. Those habits are not tied to the scale, or even to nutrition. Emotional, mental, physical, and even financial wellness can be considered.

Ultimately, self-love and self-care are powerful tools that promote wellness and wellbeing.

Accept the Skin You’re In

The media may make you feel that there is a “right” size to be…

but there isn’t!

Whatever size you are, whatever shape your body takes, is exactly perfect. You can love yourself, accept yourself, and choose to embrace every dimple and curve that makes you “you”.

Recently, bigger brands like Nike and Adidas are starting to shift towards showing women of different body types. These new perspectives can help clear up misconceptions and shame surrounding body love and they way we think about ourselves.

Hopefully, media representation will become more inclusive of all women, but even if it doesn’t…

We can still choose to see ourselves as right and good, exactly as we are.

When we automatically think our bodies are “wrong”, we can easily spiral into depression, anxiety, unhealthy emotional eating, and unhealthy food restrictions. Dieting and exercise that is being driven by these toxic emotions are not “healthy”, even it means we are losing weight. Getting closer to an unhealthy standard doesn’t make you healthier!

The health risks of living a life of shame and body hatred are so high! When we can release that tendency to shame ourselves for being “too” fat or “too” skinny and choose to love ourselves…

THAT is where the power (and true health) lies!

Daily Affirmations for Bold & Healthy Living

Look in the mirror and choose to speak LOVE over yourself.

I love my stretch marks.

My thighs.

My cellulite.

You’re more likely to eat better, do better, and feel better when you speak powerful, positive affirmations over yourself and your life.

Rather than a spiral of shame and guilt, you can create a domino effect of love and self-compassion. This change in thinking isn’t just for people who are in the midst of a traumatic experience.

Anyone can benefit from the bold & healthy choice to love themselves.

What underlying issues are stopping you from practicing a healthy lifestyle? What prevents you from feeling better in your body?

Whether you’re a busy working professional, an overwhelmed mom, a college student with a packed schedule: you don’t necessarily need a deep trauma to recognize that change would be healthy for you.

Everyone could benefit from upping their daily dose of self-love!

The 12 Steps to Your Body of Gold

Farah’s new book is out now! It’s the ultimate guide to embracing self-love and mastering your health.

She shares that the inspiration for her book originally came from her podcast of the same name. Her listeners had been so excited about her podcast’s topic, and she realized how necessary the message was.

A huge part of her heart for the book was to provide more than just an outline or guide. She didn’t want it to just be another health and wellness book that people read and don’t benefit from.

When it comes to internal healing, Farah created the 12 steps to help women address the issues that are stopping them from becoming the women they ultimately want to become. In addition, she provides assignments after each step to make them actionable. She encourages women to journal, respond, and really think about what they want their future to look like, especially when it comes to their health.

By the end of the book, you’ll have created your own health and wellness plan that is ready to implement. It’s not one-size-fits-all because it is YOUR plan that fits YOUR lifestyle – and you created it yourself!

Instead of trying to force you to follow someone else’s plan, you get to build your own customized version that fits your own needs.

The First 3 Steps

The first 3 steps Farah implements in her book are designed to help women work towards acceptance and self-love.

  1. Start with admitting. Part of the process of creating change includes admitting that something is wrong. What does it mean to admit that something needs to change? What is there in your current situation that is not serving you?
  2. Once you’ve admitted that you want (and need) something to change, you get to start seeking clarity. What do you need to do day-by-day to really reach the clarity you need?
  3. The power is in the pen! 80% of people who write down their goals and aspirations tend to reach them (or come pretty close)! When you take the time to write down what you want and how you’re going to pursue it, you’re much likely to actually achieve those things.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Sometimes we get so concerned about other’s wellbeing that we forget about our own. Farah encourages you to take a deep breath and consider:

  • Where am I going next?
  • Where will I be 6 months from now?
  • 12 months from now?

Don’t be afraid to lean and really listen for the answers. The first step can be scary, but it’s the beginning of meaningful change. It’s time to start loving yourself in bold & healthy ways!

You can connect with Farah on either of her IG accounts: @farahmgreen or @thickboldandhealthy.

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