Ep. #100: A Self-Care Celebration!

Friends, this is EPISODE #100 of Quit Dieting for Good. Wow! I can’t believe there have been so many amazing episodes, guests, and insights. During the two years I’ve been podcasting I’ve moved across the world (Switzerland to California), eaten amazing food, met wonderful people, and continue to live through a global pandemic. (Plus, I have a baby on the way!) Through it all I’ve been able to come here every week and connect with you, and that’s been my favorite thing of all. This week, I’m bringing you a self-care celebration!

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Episode #100 is such a fun milestone, but that’s never been my goal. Quit Dieting for Good is about spreading the message that all women can live joyful lives — no dieting required! Food freedom and body confidence have always been important parts of my message. Now more than ever, ALL women need to hear that they can be free from diet culture!

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Prioritizing Your Own Self-Care

Long-time listeners know that I ask every guest to share their favorite self-care tips at the end of every interview. Since this is episode #100, I’ve gathered a LOT of tips! None of them require tons of time and money (as fun as a week at a spa would be, it’s not on today’s list)! They are meant to be easy, fun, enjoyable things you could try today!

Before we get to the guest’s tips, let me share mine:

Choose 2-3 self-care ideas that you can do every single day, and do them! In addition, have a rotation of 5-10 other self-care activities you can practice throughout your week.

First of all, you should have something you can do every single day, just for you, that feels good. It might be something you already do, but pinpointing it as something you do specifically for yourself can feel really good. (And serve as a reminder that you DO take care of yourself.) If you can’t think of anything, create a few easy options you can work into your daily life.

I have two things. First, a five minute meditation I do before bed. I enjoy it, and it makes me feel good! I also write in my gratitude journal every night after my meditation.

Have I ever skipped a day? Yep! But when that happens, I don’t beat myself up. I just get back to it the next day. I know it makes me feel really good, and I make it a habit to prioritize it, even when life is a little crazy!

Throughout the week, I also like to read fiction books. I add in other kinds of meditation, make tea or get a chai latte, and work on craft projects. I LIKE to do things that make me feel good! In fact, I even make an effort to plan these things into my week. I look for moments and opportunities to practice self-care and create space for myself to BE.

Need ideas? Keep on listening, and be prepared to jot down the ones that resonate!

A Self-Care Celebration

Sleeping & Resting

“Sleep is so underrated. It’s amazing how people just obsess about food when there are so many other basic health self-care things that are equally if not more important than the food that we’re eating.”

PLUS more from Kristen Ciccolini & Kersten Kimura.

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on rest!

Movement, Meditation & Breathing

“I made sure at least 3 days at week I was working out. It was more for mental clarity and to feel like I was doing something to take care of myself.”

“Get into the body, which is the best place to be.”

PLUS more from Arden Cartrette, Rahel Papis, Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, & Natasha Smith.

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on movement, mediation, and breathing!

Daily Intentions & Self-Talk

“So often when we have a negative emotion come up, we’re so quick to suppress it or distract ourselves from it and label it as bad. It’s not. Feelings are meant to be felt…you can look at it as your body communicating with you. Just sit with it. Let it be, without labeling as good or bad. What you resists persists.”

“Take a step back and ask: What is one little thing I can do for myself today? Communicate to your body: I see you, I hear you, I’m listening.”

PLUS more from Melanie Watkins, Emma Wright, Monika Mueller, Gervase Kolmos, Simi Botic, Julie Duffy-Dillon, Corinne Dobbas, & Amy Kay!

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on setting intentions and positive self-talk!

Treat Yourself!

“I got myself a new nightime face cream and have been doing it each night, and it’s felt so fun and luxurious!”

“Using essential oils in the shower. Pop some lavendar oil in…steam it up, and it just feels luxe. It’s beautiful.”

PLUS more from Martina Fink, Sarah Berneche, Andrina Tisi, Sophie Nik, Morena Diaz, Alessandra Patti, Emily King, Libby Crow.

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on treating yourself well!

Routines & Rhythms

“I am a believer in the morning routine. This is the rudder for your day.”

“It’s creating a non-negotiable routine…that supports me in practices that help my wellbeing.”

“In the morning I have a moment where I pray, meditate, journal, read a verse….and make connecting part of my self care.”

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on setting routines that feel good!


“Every night I write the 3 things I am most grateful for. It really helps you change your mindset about things and remember the good things in your life (and your body)!”

PLUS more from Jamie Mendell, Alia Mckenzie Murdoch, Sandra Mikhail, & Stefanie Jung.

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on journaling!

Social Media Self-Care

“Instagram shows you more of what you already look at….and you can pump the brakes on that and ask, “What do I want to be seeing more of?”

“While you’re scrolling your feed, if you have any sort of negative feeling, unfollow that person. We get ot control what we’re following and seeing…start filling your feed with accounts that showcase all body sizes.”

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on social media self-care!

Making Self-Care Fun

“We need to be able to do feel good things that are easy. And we sometimes need to feel that sense of accomplishment as humans.”

“Don’t feel selfish for taking 10 minutes out of your day to learn something you’re interested in.”

PLUS more from Dr. Salena Schapp, Janet Groom, & Emily Nachazel!

Listen to the full 100th episode for ALL the amazing tips on making your self-care celebration FUN!

Choose Your Own Self-Care Celebration!

So many amazing ideas! I hope you choose the ones that make you feel excited about self-care (and share this episode so the women you love can do the same)!

Keep on practicing in your own life, and don’t forget to send me your screen shot once you’ve done your review. Not only will you be helping me and this podcast, you’ll be helping women around the world learn that dieting is NOT the only option they have!

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