Ep. #103: The Weight of Thoughts with Elaine Williams

 The Weight of Thoughts with Elaine Williams

Elaine Williams (Coach Elaine) is the creator and emissary of the V.I.B.E Method. She helps women align their health and fitness goals with their soul purpose. Today, we talked a lot about the weight of our thoughts. Once you start you’re intuitive eating journey….you start to feel lighter. Elaine helps us understand the WHY behind that powerful thought transformation!

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A Journey Towards Wholeness

Elaine started out early in life as an athlete. She quickly related food to being able to keep up with sports. That included carb loading and “free” patterns of eating whatever she wanted. Eventually she suffered an injury….and found that she kept eating as if she was really active, even when she wasn’t.

Basically, Elaine’s eating patterns didn’t catch up to her injury. This started her on the journey of embracing harmony, as she was determined to find what a harmonious relationship with food, body, and energy could mean. As she grew older, this interest led Elaine into her current career. Now, she loves to help women find a more purposeful relationship with food and with their bodies.

Something that stands out as a pivotal moment in her journey is the college basketball injury that redirected her life. Until then, Elaine had planned on being a professional basketball player. Her back and neck injury caused her to finally ask this question, however: What can I live for that I love? Answering this question changed her whole trajectory.

A Healing Journey

During her 10+ year healing journey, layer after layer was revealed. Elaine found herself trying physical and mental healing opportunities. She chose to be curious, and to dabble in anything that presented itself.

Needing to go deeper still, Elaine found herself working on emotional healing. This is what began to feel transformative. Emotional and spiritual healing intertwined to create a magical experience. Having passed through so many layers to reach healing, she feels this can best be described as a sort of alchemy that was achieved after she surrendered her own agenda and control.

Whether you think of this as spirit, God, alchemy, the universe, or anything else….Elaine found healing that works! She notes that timing is essential, as you must be able to meet each layer with presence. You can’t bypass any part of the journey, and you miss the essential gifts along the way that enable you to embody what you learn.

Bringing Food Into the Picture

At first, Elaine had no idea that she had an unhealthy relationship with food. That discovery came after a hard breakup, after which Elaine found herself controlling her food as a means of controlling “something” in her life.

She realized that she was engaging in a domination-based relationship with food, as result of needing to feel in control of something in her life. Because everything else felt like it was falling apart, food felt like something she could do something about. Now, Elaine would ask someone in that position to ask themselves: When will that shift? How long do you have to be in that dynamic with food before you realize it’s not working and make the choice to start changing.

In her own journey, Elaine doesn’t remember exactly how long it took her to notice and change this issue. She speculates it might have been around 10 years! Something she noticed was that, in addition to beginning to control her food, she started becoming secretive. It’s as if she was going inward to hide what she was doing, and to withhold the truth to others.

“I Need Help”

Recognizing the power of the impulse and obsession of food control caused Elaine to seek help. She knew that she was the one who had initiated this imbalanced food relationship, and she knew she create change.

One thing she noticed coming up a lot was the need to “re-choose” the kind of relationship she wanted with food. When she was tempted to pull back or return to old, control-based habits….she had to consciously choose to reengage with the choices and lifestyle she desired.

Finally, the obsession and control-based eating ended. Elaine encourages you to not give up if you find yourself struggling. Simply notice, and choose to reengage with your healing.

And noticing and reengaging could take a few hours…..a few weeks…a few months. There is no “wrong” time to notice, and it’s never to late to reengage! Like Simi Botic shared with us, “It’s not failure, it’s feedback.” If you take time to listen to the feedback you’re getting from your body, then you can always create change. There is always something to work with.

The Weight of Thoughts

We usually aren’t taught about the weight of thoughts in school, or from our families. But the reality is, our thoughts can truly weigh us down. They carry a weight, an energy, and they absolutely do impact our lives!

Most of us have about 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day. On average, 70-80% of those thoughts could be thought of as having a denser “weight”. If a large majority of our thoughts have that heavy, energetic weight….of course we feel them! And if you can start releasing those thoughts, we can literally start to feel energetically lighter.

Engaging in higher frequency thoughts activate lightness, and allow us to feel lighter! The weight of thoughts can drag us down…but also create buoyancy and joy within as well. Once way to start decreasing the heavy weight of thoughts is to start considering the narratives we are carrying. All too often we have thoughts from our parents, families, religions, societies, and other in our minds and bodies. But no matter where those thoughts came from, we can take the initiative to release them and free ourselves from the weight.

Once clients have talked about their thoughts and beliefs, Elaine brings in the V.I.B.E. Method. This starts with visioning, which involves grounding into an awareness of what has happened in the past while also envisioning their empowered, higher self. This vision of both the past and the future enables them to identify patterns and make aligned choices to move forward.

There is a lot of healing involved here, including from past trauma. The more we allow ourselves to see, however, the more we can heal, release, and move forward with courage.

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