I work with women to help them quit dieting for good so they can finally:

  Trust their food choices

  Be confident in their bodies

  Live a life they love with delicious food.

I help YOU repair your relationship with food and your body, so you can start living the good life.

The life that you’ve hoped for and dreamed of every time you started a new diet.


I work with women to help them quit dieting for good so they can finally trust their food choices, be confident in their bodies, and live a life free from unnecessary rules and restrictions. Click below for more information.

We will get you to that dream life. One where...

You enjoy food in a simple and easy way.

You move your body joyfully and dress her up nicely.

You travel & taste the local cuisine.

You know what activity you need at any given time.



I run two group programs a few times each year.

Quit Dieting for Good is my program to help you repair your relationship with food and your body and learn how to become an intuitive eater, leaving you feeling confident in your body and your food choices.

Once you've repaired your food relationship, I have a Real Food Cooking program to teach you how to make simple and delicious real food meals on a regular basis so you can nourish your body with foods that make you feel your best.


In my group programs you will receive the following:

A combination of teachings, group coaching, and private coaching.

Worksheets and/or recipes for self-study.

A supportive community to keep you motivated and accountable. 

Caitlin Ball


Will I lose weight?

I have to say, this is the first question I asked when I took my first intuitive eating course. The answer is that it’s possible, yes. But this is not a quick diet fix and I can’t promise that you will lose weight. I personally lost 20 pounds in a little over a year through this process, and have kept it off. But the work I did, and you will do, on body image will make you realize that it has nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with being happy in your own skin.

I think if I am given permission to eat what I want, all I’m going to eat is chocolate and pizza. How is that going to make me healthy?

Giving up diets is scary – there is a whole world of food out there you have restricted for so long! But I promise you, once I help you rewire your mindset around food, you will want to eat more than just chocolate and pizza. And you will most likely want to eat food that makes you feel good – including vegetables. EVERY client I’ve worked with has started eating more nutrient-dense foods on a regular basis because they want to nourish their body and feel energetic.

Will you tell me what to eat and will I need to buy certain foods?

Most certainly not. But I will guide you to start discovering foods that you enjoy and that make you feel good. I may give tips and ideas on new foods for you to try, but it is ultimately up to you what food you will eat for the duration of the course.

You say that if I learn this way of eating, it will be life-changing. What does that mean exactly?

I find that when women (myself included) learn how to give up dieting, trust their intuition, and start loving themselves, so many exciting things can happen! This new confidence can lead to a career change, traveling, finding a partner, improving relationships, and simply more daily enjoyment. Becoming aware of your food relationship is a first step in self-discovery, and the more you discover about yourself, the more positive changes are possible.


Discover how to….

Sip wine and savor dessert without guilt.

Eat a salad because you actually want to (gasp!)

Feel 100% confident in your body (yep, it’s true!)

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Do you have a hard time creating simple, nourishing meals during the week?
My free 3-day meal plan will make it easy on you - recipes, meal prep guide, and grocery list.
No fuss, just simple, real, delicious home-cooked food.


Creating a healthy breakfast routine is no easy feat! In this 5-day challenge, you will learn what it takes to create simple breakfasts every single morning, and be prepared even on the busiest of days. Starting your day with a satisfying and nourishing breakfast sets your day up for success.


Diets are unfortunately not the answer to your weight loss goals and body image issues. In this 45-minute training, you will learn my four proven steps to let go of dieting, trust your food choices, and have confidence in your body like never before.