Emotional Eating Group Coaching Session



Ready to Address your emotional eating?

The Body Image Group Coaching Call includes…

  • A 60-75 minute call on Sunday, March 14th at 11am PST where you get spot-coaching from Caitlin on the emotional eating issues you are currently having (this can include not being able to stop when you are full, always turning to food for comfort, feeling guilty around eating, etc).
  • The opportunity to listen and learn from the other 5 women getting coached on the call. 
  • An email with resources to learn more about how to handle emotional eating.
  • You will leave with concrete and personalized action steps to take to help you with your emotional eating!
  • There will be a recording available for 2 weeks after the call in case you want to re-listen, but please only sign up if you plan to make it live.


**This coaching call is only offered to new clients as a way to experience intuitive eating coaching with Caitlin!

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