How to Ditch the Food Guilt + Body Shame to Gain Confidence + Feel Free

Diets are unfortunately not the answer to your weight loss goals and body image issues.

Learn the four steps to become an intuitive eater so you can finally eat the foods you love, feel confident in your own skin, and take care of your whole self.


I’ve picked these products solely because I use them on a regular basis and highly recommend them. But, full disclosure, this page contains some affiliate links. This means that I might make a percentage of profit at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Food Favorites

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You can make yummy acai smoothie bowls at home with these packets!
This is perfect for when you are reducing your dairy intake but still want cheesy flavor.
When you need broth but don’t have time to make it fresh, this is the best-tasting one I’ve found with the most natural ingredients.

This is my favorite chai tea that you can find here in Switzerland!

This is my favorite tea from my hometown – sweet and spicy and you don’t even need to add sweetness to it.


Collagen powder is great for hair, skin, and nails, and I can already tell improvements since adding it to my morning smoothie.

Probiotics are so important for a healthy gut. This is the one I use currently, but I also change it up as they have different strands of healthy bacteria.

As soon as you feel a sickness coming on, take these pills as directed. They work like magic – seriously!

When a stomachache or flu is already present, these work so much better than a Pepto-Bismol.

Yoga Essentials

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These pants are made from recycled plastic bottles and have the cutest patterns.

If you want to do yoga while you travel, this mat is a must. I bring it everywhere I go.

For a home mat, this is my favorite because it is thicker and non-slip.

Kitchen Must-Haves

I use this almost every single day as a replacement for parchment paper while roasting veggies and meat. It also works for making cookies too.

These bags are the best replacement for plastic sandwich bags. Buy once, use forever, and reduce your waste.

This wrap replaces your plastic wrap – just tighten it around a bowl or a cut piece of fruit and store in the refrigerator.

These containers are the best because you can store your leftovers and put them straight into the oven the next day for reheating.

I love using cast iron for cooking and I’ve had one of these for over 15 years and it’s still good as new.

I don’t own a Vitamix currently, but when I need a new one, I will buy this as it is the most powerful.

Natural Make-Up

You end up eating so much of the lip gloss you put on, so it’s a good idea to get the most natural possible! This brand has all kinds that look great and taste great too.

This is my daily makeup and I love how light it feels on my face, and knowing that it’s made with all natural ingredients.

I have tried all the natural sunscreens and this is the only one I will wear!


JerusalemPlentyPlenty More

This man knows his food. Every recipe I’ve tried has been absolutely amazing.

Cook, Nourish, Glow

Amelia makes delicious recipes that make you feel amazing and energized.

This book helps you learn how to eat for your skin and make you feel amazing inside and out.

Self Discovery

This book is super helpful in helping you figure out how to add more of what you love into your daily life

You can also use the Intuitive Eating workbook to follow along with your intuitive eating journey.

This is the ultimate guide to intuitive eating and I think everyone that is starting on this journey should read it.

For anyone struggling with body image, this book is a great reminder of things we all need to do to respect and take care of your body.

Find out how to start taking care of yourself on a regular basis.

This book will help you become aware of your inner mean girl and teach you what to do to fight back.

Again, for anyone struggling with body image, read this book and start being kinder to your body

Health Coaching

Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

I went to IIN for my health coaching certification and cannot recommend it enough! Feel free to reach out if you are thinking of signing up and want to hear about my experience.

Convertkit for emails 

This is the email service provider I use and find it very intuitive and easy to use for a novice like me.

These are great for when you are making a course or challenge – create a pretty landing page without having to know how to code.

Amy Porterfield Courses + Podcast

I took Amy’s List Builder’s course and had amazing results. I also listen to her podcast for ongoing business advice and find it very valuable.


Discover how to…
 Sip wine and savor without the guilt.
 Eat a salad because you actually want to (gasp!)
 Feel 100% confident in your body (yep, it’s true!)
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