Seasonal Meal Plans

I create healthy and seasonal 4-week meal plans that I believe are a great way to jumpstart health. I make it easy for you by including a pantry essential guide, easy and nutritious recipes for every meal, shopping lists, and lots of fun extras to get you eating healthy foods first. The plan is flexible and meant to fit into a real life schedule, not to hold you back like a diet would. These meal plans are all about getting the right foods into your body, and figuring out how much your body needs. Calorie counting is not necessary, because we are counting nutrition. And there is a whole lotta delicious nutrition in these meal plans.

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How it Works:
  • When you sign up, I send you the pantry essentials guide to get your kitchen ready for healthy cooking success.
  • Every Friday, I send the meal plan for the following week, which includes the shopping list. You can shop over the weekend or a few times during the week, depending on your schedule.
  • You follow the meal plan as you wish, allowing yourself to be flexible as social events come up.
  • I give you a basic rundown of how to stay healthy when you aren’t cooking at home.
  • Fun surprises! Just because.
  • And finally, I give my best tips on how to make your own meal plans, so you manage your own weekly meal plans when you’ve finished mine!