Peach Pie & a Picnic

Remember in college when we had all the time in the world to hang out with our friends? Wednesday night rolled around, and what better thing to do than go out dancing at the local dive bar? Nowadays people are busy, have jobs, bla bla, and need reasons to get together with their friends. Thus, the massive amount of non significant 20 something birthday parties that we plan for ourselves or attend. No judgement here, I have indeed thrown myself a “I’m 24 so let’s go out on the town” birthday party. My friend Dave’s recent birthday invite says it all:

“I am turning 28.  It’s not a notable milestone but I like to jump any reason to party. With that being said, this year we are going to be BBQing all day long at Tomales Bay Oyster Co.  If you you have never been, its pretty frickin’ awesome.  A bunch of grills and picnic tables lining the water. You do not have to eat oysers if you are not a fan, they allow you to use the grills for whatever you please. I will be getting there bright and early to lay claim to a couple primo tables (and get drunk  before noon)….”

And we were off to Tomales Bay. But wait! Gotta bake something delicious to have after we eat mounds of yummy oysters. Pie and picnics seem to go together, and I just so happen to have a bunch of peaches. I brought out the Joy of Cooking book (which is now online with videos!) and starting making my first fruit pie!

The only thing I did different to this peach pie recipe,was I added some cinnamon to the peaches and swapped tapioca for corn starch since that was all I had. And of course, I added my personal decorative touches 🙂

I started by boiling the peaches to get the skin to come off easier.

And I rolled out the dough for the crust…

Gotta practice the grid!

And add some special touches for the birthday boy…

The baked beauty.

Time to shuck some oysters.

Pretty sure I have the cutest nephew in the whole world.

I wanted in on the shucking.

The birthday boy with his personalized pie!

The fog rolls in and its time to go home…

Until the next twenty something year old’s birthday party!

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