I am excited to announce that I am officially a foodbuzz blogger!

Soo is that supposed to be a good thing you might ask?

YES! I applied and was accepted. Maybe working for the company that owns the site helps? But maybe I’m just a really amazing food blogger. I’ll go with the really amazing food blogger.

And now you are thinking, “what the heck is foodbuzz?”

Well, let me tell you. Foodbuzz is an online foodie community that welcomes anyone to join. There are over 4000 featured publishers (which I am now one of!) that provide the majority of content and recipes for the site. One of my favorite features is the daily email that shows you the Top 9 recipes of the day. I always browse through them and get some ideas of what to make for dinner or dessert that week. Then you can save the recipes to your virtual “recipe box” and you have all your recipes in one place without the mess of magazine clippings or print-outs! I would suggest checking out all of the features if you enjoy finding new recipes to try or read restaurant reviews.

And what does it do to my site? Nothing, other than I have a really cool foodbuzz badge and an ad unit. Hopefully it will broaden my audience a little bit and hopefully on occasion I will get to participate in this program called “tastemaker outreach”. Sometimes companies want to get their product into the hands of food bloggers so the bloggers can make fun recipes and write about it. For example, Godiva just sent food bloggers their coffee and they made the coffee into special drinks or put it in baked goods. Sounds like a pretty fun opportunity to me so hopefully I will get a chance to be part of it.

That’s it for now, just thought I would fill you in on the good news 🙂

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