Cleansing Coworkers

As everyone knows, I love my sweets, but I try to always have them in moderation (and workout so I don’t feel so guilty). The desserts I make and post about are usually for some sort of occasion which means I take them somewhere and try to leave the rest so they don’t sit in my apartment tempting me.

Thennnn December rolls around and the word moderation doesn’t exist. The term I’d have to use instead is gluttony.

Pure chocolatebuttercookiescandypeppermintgingerbreadeggnog gluttony.

How can one resist the mounds of treats at the office, the cookies at your holiday cookie swap, or the cocktails at all the holiday events? By the end of the month, I am not even craving sweets, I am just addicted to the sugar and eating it to eat. A full four weeks of that and a Dunn family Christmas vacation to top it all off means it’s time to start fresh. Thank goodness rolling in the new year gives me a newfound strength to stop the eating madness.

I came into work last week and found out I wasn’t the only one that did some hopping around to get into their jeans that morning. My coworkers were feeling the same way, so we after a couple days of complaining about our holiday weight gain, we decided to do a “cleanse”.

This so-called “cleanse” consists of the following:

Day 1 & 2:

  • 2 meals of smoothies of choice
  • 1 healthy meal of choice
  • No processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No coffee

Day 3-14:

  • No processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No coffee (finally something easy for me!)

We all work in the same pod and when our boss got wind of this she was a little concerned. I was too- 5 girls in the same pod, not eating solid food for 2 days during work; could be some major potential crabbiness. But we just moaned and groaned, whined and complained, we laughed at the different shades of brown/green smoothies, and somehow we survived.

Bottom’s up!

We kinda made up the juicing part, and the no processed foods comes from a yoga cleanse that I have done in the past. Here is the basis of it and you can read more about it here (I don’t give up meat though).

I know you are thinking, “no sugar? whaaaaatt?” Guess what. I am crafty. So I am going to create some non-processed treats for me (and you!).

Any other cleansers/dieters out there? Complaints and crabbiness is allowed here.

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  1. I must admit I tried the smoothie with the Kale this morning and I wasn’t hungry till lunch….much to my suprize. Maybe it’s time to make some of those date balls you made a few months back.

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