friday fünf {zürich life}

Life lately has been hot! Summer is officially here. We bought a BBQ for our balcony, brought our fan down from storage, added more plants to our garden, and I’m mentally preparing for the summer heat sans air conditioning. I plan to buy a season pass to the badis (sectioned off swimming areas on the lake) and be a lake bum. And probably spend some day-times in Starbucks AC to survive the heat.

Besides my heat woes, I’ve still been hanging out around Zürich and enjoying the everyday life…

friday funf june - 1 

I saw the German rendition of Dirty Dancing. Baby was still Baby and we still had the time of our lives. Good thing I know the story, because my German speaking is still nicht so gut. 

 friday funf june - 2

Jon had to take a last minute trip back to the states which left me home alone on a four day weekend. I was completely lazy and addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I was feeling guilty about not enjoying the sunshine, so I moved the viewing party to the balcony. 

friday funf june - 3

I recently found out about the New Asia Market which supplies every Asian grocery you could need for a ridiculously cheap price. It’s a bit of a trek though, so I stocked up. Notice the mounds of coconut milk for some more chia pudding

friday funf june - 4

I made this chocolate pudding recipe (with soft tofu) and the servings fit perfectly in my new shot glasses. Yes, I’m old and can’t remember the last time I used my shot glasses for anything other than dessert.  friday funf june - 5

Monday was a day off for some religious holiday (which equals work holiday in Europe) so we ate brunch at Le Pain Quotidien and headed to the lake. I held down the fort while Jon swam. It may be hot, but I wasn’t quite ready for the chilly lake water. 

Happy Weekend to you!


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  1. Your life in Zurich sounds so wonderful! What fun adventures you get to have. And definitely get a season pass to the lake and be a major lake bum. You’ll have a great tan. Glad you found a great market, hurray for coconut milk!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! They just came out of the dishwasher today, so I have to figure out what to put in them next…

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