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I’m home from being home. When I was leaving for California, I told everyone I was going home, yet when I was on my way back to Switzerland, I again told everyone I was going home. I guess I now have two “homes” and I’m perfectly ok with that. As I mentioned before, I had a pretty packed schedule while I was in the states. Luckily that packed schedule involved getting to see almost all my family and friends in one trip, even if it did involve re-packing my bag eight times and never knowing where I was when I woke up the morning. 

The first event was my Gram’s 90th birthday in Santa Cruz. She may be 90, but she still knows how to party.  Next stop was Bend, Oregon for my good friends, Jeff and Colette’s, wedding. They know how to party too.  cj wedding Just a quick plane ride, and soon enough I was back in Loon Lake, Washington for the first time since our wedding. I had some good quality nephew time, and loved seeing the birthday boy, Noah, run around with his new jetpackrocketman jetpack_9 The fourth and final state I visited was hot and dry Arizona. Our group of high school besties made it into town for a fun weekend celebrating Jen, the bride-to-be.  hs girlfriends And let’s not forget about all the goodness that happened in between these trips… el nidos Ridiculous amounts of delicious Mexican food.  Happy weekend! I’ll be busy jet-lagging it up on the couch. 

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  1. That video of grams gets me every time. Hope your suitcase full of corn tortillas made it ‘home’ safely! So glad we don’t have to wait another 9 months to see you…

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