friday fünf

After two years of living in Switzerland, my dad finally decided it was time to see what was so great about this place that took his daughter away from California. Zurich showed him the best of all it’s weather worlds; starting with a good downpour followed by a few days of sunshine. By the end of the weekend, I could tell he was ready to get away from the quiet and orderliness of Switzerland and move onto the loud and boisterous Italy (more on that soon!). There’s nothing much like some good dad and daughter time (traveling Europe, no less) to nourish the soul. 


{city tour near the Grossmünster}

Hot Stone

{hot stone steaks at Eisenhof}

Flowers in Fountain

{gerberas in the fountain}


{whiskey hot chocolate at Honold}


{daily breakfast on our Sicilian balcony}


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  1. Soooooo much fun and great memories with you and Jon…….can’t wait to read about our adventure in Sicily!! xoxo Dad

  2. What fun! Love the picture of you two! Dave loved his visit with you and Jon! Obviously, Mark is loving it too!

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