DIY Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

Snail mail is becoming obsolete, which is unfortunate but makes getting personal cards pretty darn exciting. Most of my mail is junk that goes straight to the recycle bin, but every once in a while, I get something from Grandma. Sometimes she sends me a random article, but sometimes it’s a holiday card with an extra special green surprise inside. I really like those cards.

I also really like making handmade cards, so I got out my scrapbook supplies and started cutting and pasting for the upcoming Hallmark holiday. My card turned out simple & cute and YOU can make one TOO! Go ahead, save yourself a couple bucks. And all you boy readers, score yourself some major brownie points.

Start with a blank card, some scraps of paper in valentine’s colors (red, pink, purple…), grab some glue & scissors & a heart punch if you have one.

Hand cut or punch out some heart shapes. Glue them along a strip of paper that is the same width as the card.

Cut 2 different papers to fit the card. Then paste on the blank card like so.

Paste on the strip of hearts in between the 2 different papers. Write whatever you would like at the bottom. I wrote, “I <3 you” with a heart shaped cut out.

How easy is that? Fifteen minutes of time makes a card that much more special.

But if you don’t feel like making one or you simply can’t craft, head on over to my new Etsy shop and you can pick one up 🙂

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