Off to Zurich we go…

Grüezi friends!

I know you have been waiting anxiously for my return, and it is finally here. In the past 4 months I have moved from one apartment in San Francisco to another, started a new job as a real estate agent, got engaged, started wedding planning, and packed up our new SF apartment to move to Switzerland.

Jon and I have always talked about moving abroad, especially when I was ready to quit my online marketing job. Of course, there were no opportunities within his international company when I was ready to move. The opportunity came about when I was actually feeling settled in my career and in our first apartment together. But, he got offered a position in the Zurich office of Marsh and there was no way we could pass up a chance to live and work abroad. (Well, let’s not kid ourselves- we live, but Jon does the working).

So, here I am, sitting in our temporary apartment near the city center of Zurich, Switzerland.  What am I going to do with myself you might wonder? Currently, I’m just trying to figure out everyday life and how to do simple errands. I’ve already been scolded at the grocery store for not properly weighing my fruit. But, I have great plans to be more than just a hausfrau! I plan to blog more, I plan to get certified to teach yoga, I plan to do marketing for The Dunn Team, I plan to babysit, I plan to run an etsy shop, I plan to learn Deutsch, and who knows what else. It’s a pretty crazy position to be in. Waking up in the morning, thinking, what do I do today? It’s a lil scary though…I’m a planner with a schedule. My days will soon fill up, I know, but in the meantime I am just taking time to enjoy the simple life.

Let me give you a little sneak peak of my days in Zurich thus far.

First, my dad sent Jon and I off on our adventure with some Swiss Franks since he knew the exchange rate wasn’t in our favor. Isn’t he clever?

Then, I arrived to snow. Loads of freezing cold snow. What is a born-and-raised California girl to do?  On the first day, I walked outside and immediately turned around. I went back inside and put on an extra sweater under my jacket and long johns under my jeans.  And I bought a fuzzy hat.

To warm myself up, I ate chocolate. And I am currently eating leftover Easter chocolate. And I will probably eat some form of chocolate everyday that I live in Switzerland. It just seems like a must, right?

I went to yoga in this cute little part of town. I already found my English speaking yoga class and I am a happy camper. One thing about the snow is that it does make everything look really pretty.

I made a Swiss version of hamburger pie. Raclette cheese has already won over my heart. We are fast friends and we already have plans to hang out again soon.

Just one week in and I am liking this city more each day. I feel like one lucky lady.

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  1. Glad that you are back blogging. You always have something fun and interesting on your posts. I’m thrilled to now have 2 girls to keep track of in terrific far-away places.
    Melissas Mom

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