DIY Tissue Paper Holiday Garland

In our apartment, we have all these great window sills that seemed to be asking for a hanging holiday garland. I got my supplies and set out to make a tissue paper garland that looked easy and affordable…just what I wanted for my holiday decor. Turns out I forgot to take into consideration that there is a heater right below every single window sill, which my risk averse husband would not allow a paper garland to be hanging on. I tried out a couple spots for it, and it has finally landed on our TV stand. 

Here is our festive holiday garland that is safely hanging away from any heated objects. 


Want to make one? Check out my tutorial


It turns out it is also a good vehicle for holiday cards. Just grab a clothespin and clip ’em on. 


See our cute little tree that is peeking in? I call that our Charlie Brown tree. It turns out that in Switzerland, their tradition is to buy and decorate their Christmas tree just a few days before Christmas, which means there were no trees to buy when I wanted to buy one! We decided to get creative and stuff some trimmings (why sell trimmings without selling trees?) into our recently acquired candle holder (it had a ‘free’ sign on the street corner:). We added lights and ornaments and it actually looks pretty cute! I have to say I was skeptical at first since it was Jon’s idea and not my own, but turns out he has some creative ideas every once in a while. 

The before and after:

xmas tree

What kinds of DIY holiday decor have you been making this year?? 

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