Eating Dessert Without Guilt

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{smore brownies}

Some of you loyal readers already know this, but this blog started out as a baking blog. I baked my little heart out, decorated all the cakes and cookies I could get my hands on, and had a lot of fun doing it. It was the perfect creative escape from my day job that was not fulfilling me. The problem was, I always had dessert in the house, and I could never control myself around it. I was always eating the batter, and testing the finished product. And I would just have a bit here and a bit there, not realizing how much I was eating. I would never dream of taking a huge slice of cake all at once…oh no, that would be too much! Instead, I would just stand and eat bites, because that was way less guilt-inducing. Even though, I probably ate double the amount I would of if I just sat down and enjoyed the darn dessert.


{new york times chocolate chip cookies}

Fortunately, I now have a job that I love, so I spend my creative energy on my job, which not-so-coincidentally includes cooking. I still occasionally bake, but I just have a bigger desire to experiment with everyday foods that feed and nourish my body. My need and desire for dessert has decreased because I don’t have a void that I’m trying to fill. But one thing has not changed – I still LOVE dessert. I got my sweet tooth from my mama.

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{salted caramel apple pie}

Regardless of how much I’m baking or not baking, that’s actually not the point I’d like to make today. What I’d like to point out is that nowadays, I have learned to cut myself a big piece of a homemade brownie, or order a whole slice of cake JUST for me…and it is so fulfilling. Sitting down with a beautiful dessert that is all mine is a lovely treat and if you watch me eat it, you can see the pure joy on my face.


{my favorite brownies}

But it took me SO long to get to this point. I always thought that if I ate a big cookie or whole slice of cake all in one sitting, my diet would be ruined forever. When in actuality, because I felt so guilty eating any amount of dessert, I never was fully satisfied. And because I was never fully satisfied, I would eat more dessert! See the irony in it? It was ridiculous. I spent one too many years splitting cookies in half because that’s all I was “allowed”, when all I really wanted was the whole freaking cookie to myself.


So my point is, when you want a cookie, go get yourself a cookie! Or whatever treat it may be. Remember my 7-steps though, and first take the time to figure out if you actually want a cookie, or if you are using the cookie to fill a void. But, if you realize it’s just a cookie you want, I want you to go find the best one out there and enjoy it all to yourself. No guilt, no shame, just pure satisfaction.

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{pumpkin snickerdoodles}

Click on any of the pictures above for some delicious weekend baking! And don’t forget to sign up for the free 7-day challenge starting October 2nd, where we will ease ourselves back on track, without restricting our beloved desserts. 

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