Episode #31: Intuitive Eating in Entrepreneurship with Libby Crow

In today’s episode, I talk with my former business coach, otherwise known as a human sparkler, Libby Crow. Libby is a global mentor for entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses and their minds, and I can personally say she helped me do just that!

Libby tells us about her own personal struggles with food and her body, and after losing the weight and realizing she still wasn’t happy, she decided to let go of restrictions and learn how to work on her inner self.

Her healing has led her to love herself inside and out, let go of beauty standards that don’t fit her beautiful curvy body type, and has given her mind space to focus on bigger and better things – like growing a business that changes lives!

Libby tells us how this mindset work she practices can help your business and how to use your intuition to keep you in alignment with your true needs and desires in all aspects of life.

This episode is not to be missed – by those that want to hear about going from dieting to intuitive eating, and also those that want to learn the self-care needed to be a successful entrepreneur!

Learn more about Libby here:
Website: https://libbycrow.com/
Instagram: @libbycrow
Podcast & Facebook Community: Behind the Dream

Do you want to learn how intuitive eating can help your business?
Join my Quit Dieting and Grow your Business workshop on June 4th:

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