Body Image Group Coaching Session



Ready to Create Lasting Body Confidence?

The Body Image Group Coaching Call includes…

  • A 60-75 minute call on Sunday, February 28th at 10am PST where you get spot-coaching from Caitlin on whatever body image struggles you are currently having.
  • The opportunity to listen and learn from the other 5 women getting coached on the call. 
  • An email with resources to continue on with your body image practices.
  • You will leave with concrete and personalized action steps to take to help you achieve your goal of creating more confidence in your body!
  • There will be a recording available for 2 weeks after the call in case you want to re-listen, but please only sign up if you plan to make it live.


**This coaching call is only offered to new clients as a way to experience body image coaching with Caitlin!

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