Make Your Own Tea Bags

I am currently planning my first tea party, and hopefully there will be many more to come. I was going to do a practice tea party with my girlfriends for my soon-to-be tea party planning business, but an occasion arose! Now it is going to be a graduation tea party for my friend that is getting her masters in library science. It isn’t until June, but I am starting the preparation now because I am overly excited about it. I wanted to make party favors for the guests, and decided that I would make personalized tea bags (I was inspired by this Design*Sponge post). I used some of the loose leaf tea I made at the blend your own tea class I took, and also bought some more tea at Rainbow Grocery in the overwhelming spices section.

Supplies you need to make your own tea bags:

Loose Leaf tea
Muslin cloth
Cotton String
Scrap Paper

I must say, my journey to buy muslin cloth made me realize that it is worth it to pay the gosh darn shipping cost that I can never get over. I went to the one fabric store I know of in San Francisco, and no muslin. The next weekend I had to go the east bay for my nephew’s baptism, so I figured I could go over a bit early and do some easy suburban shopping. Suburban shopping is so relaxing to me…I can find parking, the stores aren’t tiny, and usually there are multiple shops in the center that I want to go to. I was on my way into the parking lot and thinking about how nice it is to shop in the stores you grew up with and know where to find everything. Well, Joann’s was gone. GONE! MY Joann’s was gone. I was sad that my San Ramon Joann’s left, but I don’t feel too bad since it is not a mom and pop shop and I know that there are more Joann’s to be found. Anyways, then I went to Michael’s all the way in Dublin, saw a line of 30 people, and turned around and left. Then I went to Joann’s in Dublin, and it was closing too! I guess they are making a “superstore” or something. Four stores, and no muslin cloth. What a waste of $4.50/gallon gas. I finally waited in line for 30 minutes to get my muslin cloth cut at the Joann’s in Concord and it cost me a whole $3.

Now for the tea bag party favors…

First, you want to cut two pieces of fabric together into your desired shape. I chose hearts and stars.

Then start sewing…

Be sure to leave extra string to hold the tea bag.

And glue on a little piece of scrap paper for easy holding and decoration!

My 7x7 magazine helps keep my table clean 🙂

And you have some homemade teabags for party favors!

Time consuming, yes, but a perfect “sit in front of the tv” craft. I recommend Glee.


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