Episode #37: Assertiveness with Alessandra Patti

In today’s episode, I talk with Alessandra Patti, an assertiveness coach based in Zurich, Switzerland. Alessandra is originally from Italy, and in the last five years has changed her career to become a coach and consultant who works with clients on assertiveness and learning to speak up. She says this new career is one of the loves of her life, right up there with reading and salsa dancing.

Having come from a giving culture that didn’t prioritize speaking up, she knew she wanted to be someone who could speak her mind and set her own strong boundaries. Having learned and practiced assertiveness and boundaries herself, she created a methodology and began coaching others.

Alessandra says, “You can use your assertiveness to choose your own health and to prioritize your own wellbeing.”

Something that can help anyone seeking to be more assertive is to put a stop to their own negative self-talk. Create boundaries for negative thoughts, and refuse to allow them to dominate your mental life. After all, freedom can only be gained if you believe you truly deserve it.

Alessandra also shares the fundamental belief that you are unique and special; even if you have something you want to change about yourself or your body. Believing in your sense of worth is vital for being able to achieve what you desire.

Alessandra provides so many practical exercises you can do to change your mindset and your actions, and I can’t wait for you to try them out!

If you’d like to connect with Alessandra, you’ll find her here:
Website: www.findyourway.company
Instagram: @findyourwaycoach
Facebook: How to Say No Coaching

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