Episode #46: Intuitive Eating 101 – Body Love

First things first — if you haven’t listened to Episode #45 yet, start there!

This week we’re talking all about body love.

Often we get into the whole dieting mess as result of wanting to change our bodies. We start to believe our bodies are somehow inadequate or “wrong”. In intuitive eating, we move away from these harmful ways of thinking. One way we do that is by practicing body love.

Quick Tip: Body love doesn’t have to mean that you think you’re hotter than hot and have a totally perfect body.

When I say body love, I’m talking specifically about loving your body as a companion. Think of her as your best friend.

With a friend, you enjoy being with them, but they don’t fill every thought or waking moment. They also don’t have to be perfect for you to accept and love them, just the way they are.

What if your relationship with your body could be like that?

Have you ever tried thanking your body for all she does for you?

Gratitude is a powerful way of beginning to love and appreciate yourself and your body. Think of all that she does for you – your tummy digests your food; your arms reach and touch and lift; your legs and feet power you through the world. Instead of being upset about something being sore or not working properly, what if you tried being grateful for everything that your wonderful, amazing, incredible body does do?

Your body deserves clothes that fit her well (not too big or too small).

She deserves food that makes her feel good (for both fuel and fun!).

She deserves to move, not sit all day long. (Don’t use exercise as “punishment” though!).

She deserves to be talked to kindly (treat her like a friend you care about).

This is a tiny snippet of what you can do to start loving you body.

Choose one thing I talked about here and give it a try. And once you have, head on over to the Intuitive Foodies Community and let us know what you did and how it made you feel!

I would also be THRILLED for you to join the Food Freedom and Body Confidence Challenge! It’s all about taking what you’re learning from Intuitive Eating 101 and actually applying it. Nothing changes if you don’t take action, so we’re going to dig in and start creating change together.

Join us next week to learn about caring for the WHOLE self!

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